Car / Auto Insurance

Protect your car, and your budget.

We carry a multitude of auto insurance products ranging in price and coverage that will fit your immediate and future needs.  So whether you’re a budget conscious driver, or an exotic car collector, we definitely have the right coverage and experience to protect you and your lifestyle.
What You Need to Know…

Standard Insurance Coverage
A basic standard automobile insurance policy covers you if you have caused property damage or injuries to others. It also offers you coverage for medical and rehabilitation costs, or if you have been hit by an uninsured driver.

Automobile Collision Coverage
With this add-on, you can rest assured that your car will be covered if it’s damaged in a collision.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
As the saying goes, comprehensive coverage is the “Cadillac” of coverage. In addition to the standard coverage you would expect from your policy, a comprehensive policy goes further by protecting you from fire, vandalism, theft and other mishaps such as a fallen tree.

Minding Your Budget

We will save you money with the following discounts:

  • Bundled policies (auto and home)
  • Multiple vehicle discounts
  • Experienced drivers
  • Safe drivers
  • Winter Tires

…and more.